Resolute® MkIII - Satin - Green Stripe Resolute® MkIII - Satin - Green Stripe

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What customers have to say:

"So far I field dressed and skinned 4 deer and butchered them complete... The edge is like the 1st day I received it. Keep up the good work. I'm so happy I waited to get one of your knives."
Via Email - Troy C.
"Depending on my mission set this knife I got from you years ago is still my primary. Let’s just say it’s been through some things. [...] I’m still shocked how well it’s held up. [...] I even had to use it as a pry bar in a rolled vehicle crash. The knife looks like the day I bought it."
Via Email - Josh A.
"I have used the knife a lot since I received it and I must say that I am positively surprised with the edge holding and build quality. I have quality knives in A2, D2, CPM 3V, M390, CPM 110V, CPM 90v… but your A2 is something else. You must have that heat treatment spot on. This knife has become something of a holy grail for me."
Via Email - Kjetil S.
"I work as a hunting guide and I [...] Used your knife to process (skin, cut the whole meet out of the 1400 lbs mooses) three mooses in a row without sharpening it again. [...] thank you for making an excelent tool like this"
Via Email - Mark H.
"Out performs any previous knife I have owned. Well worth every penny and more."
Via Facebook (link) - Rene C.
"I have gone through maybe 100+ knives looking for a really good bushcraft knife. [...] Yours is the best custom knife I have ever purchased."
Via Email - Matthew C.
"Well I am throughly impressed! After a few days of plant clearing, wood chopping and food prep it still cut hair! Holy shit man!! Thanks for everything."
Via Email - Joe B.
"Just received your knife in the mail and damn! Is it awesome! As an avid knife collector, camper/hiker/fisherman, and amateur knife maker I've used hundreds of knives over the years. The design, fit, finish, and temper on your blade are all outstanding. Truly a functional work of art and one I look forward to using for years."
Via Email - Tom D.
"Just a little note to say I have finally had a chance to take my shiny new knife on a camping trip. It performed really well for everything I tried from batonning to making fine feather sticks and is still shaving sharp. Totally worth the wait. So pleased and wanted to say fantastic job making it."
Via Email - James
"I've been meaning to email you since I received my Resolute...I couldn't be happier! you truly outdid yourself!"
Via Email - Ben W.
"Just got my MKiii today. This thing looks like a beast and top notch. Fit and finish is perfect. A beast. I wasn't sure wether or not I would like the coating but it looks amazing. Hats off to Aaron and his labor of love. Thanks again brother."
Via Facebook (link) - Shawn H.
"I just wanted to follow up and confirm that my Resolute delivered without issue.. and holy shit, it's absolutely exceeded my expectations. I took it down with me to meet up with a few of the other IRC folks ... and I didn't hear anything but admiration from them. We're talking about a crowd that'll pick apart details on the nicest of knives ... and it was nothing but praise. Thanks a ton for the work on this. Love everything about it"
Via Email - Grayson P.
"Still my favorite fixed blade knife: the Resolute Mk III by Canadian knifemaker Aaron Gough. You just can't beat perfection!"
Via Instagram (link) - Schrombo
"Aaron, I got my knife today as a Christmas present from my wife and I have to say I'm stoked. This knife is so nice. The quality looks top-notch on your site but is even more impressive in person. If people could hold these in their hands, they would buy for sure. Anyone thinking about buying one of these, just do it, you will be so happy you did."
Via Facebook (link) - Andrew C.
"Were you ever just really excited about something and when you finally got it it wasn't what you expected? Well, this definitely isn't one of those times. Holy cow man this thing is amazing! I can't believe how awesome this knife is. You are truly one Hell of a craftsman. Thanks so much. I want to buy another one now."
Via Email - Terry R.
"I have a Resolute Mk III and I have to say, if I had to march into hell it's the knife I'd bring with me."
Via Facebook (link) - Bernard M.
"It is absolutely beautiful, well worth the wait."
Via Email - Richard G.
"I have to tell you, the knife (and the sheath!) are absolutely impeccable and completely exceeded my expectations! The craftsmanship is superior, the design and the way it fits the hand awesome, and it came with a hair popping sharp edge! I own a lot of knives, both production and some customs, but this knife rises above anything else I have. It's almost too nice to use but I will be using it as my go to from now on!"
Via Email - Steve A.
"I bought one of your knives this year and I was finally able put it to use. I shot a deer this morning and it was used to dress it.  It cut like a laser beam and felt great in the hand and not slippery at all.  Thanks again for a great product.  My hunting buddy now wants one..."
Via Email - Jeff C.
"Never have I owned a knife that fits so well, it is truly an extension of my hand."
Via Facebook (link) - Alan P.
"Wonderful, better than expected! [...] your kydex work is the best that I've ever seen (both custom and large manufacturers compared) [...] yours sets a very very high gold standard. [...] Oh, that small thumb jimping on the sheath is a FANTASTIC, practical touch."
Via Email - Scott M.
"Incredible work of art!!!! Can’t wait to pick up my next one!"
Via Email - Josh F.
"Aaron Gough is a true master craftsman. The product he created exceeded my expectations (which are very high). Quality and attention to detail beyond perfect. Thanks Aaron."
Via Facebook (link) - Chris F.
"The culmination of two years of lurking around your YouTube videos and wishing and waiting for an MKIII ended about 30 minutes ago. It'll probably only slice bologna (condo homeowners association won't let me trim trees) but even that will be a joy. Fun to just hold a flawless, finely crafted tool. My grandson will get it and the story of it's creation once I'm done. They are shipped SHARP!"
Via Facebook (link) - Gary F.
"I can see that every possible detail of the knife and sheath were well thought out to the smallest of details; I really appreciate that. You did deliver a true shaving sharp knife; not many manufactures do that. [...] I am proud to own your Resolute MKIII. It was, indeed, well worth waiting for."
Via Email - Oliver L.
"Just got my [...] Gough Resolute MKIII. It's really amazing. Worth the 8 month wait for sure. Can't wait to use it. Thank you Aaron."
Via Facebook (link) - Thomas M.
"Got mine from the post office today. Absolutely impeccable quality - sharp as hell. I can't wait to put it to work!"
Via Facebook (link) - Michael H.
"The Resolute showed up in the mail the other day. Just wanted to say it’s a thing of beauty and worth the wait. Looking forward to taking it into the mountains."
Via Email - Chris G.
"This knife is pure art! Can't wait to go out and use it!"
Via Email - Philipp H.
"Just wanted to say that I got my knife from you a week or two back [...] holy shit mate it’s everything I expected from you and more, it couldn’t be more perfect and I am more than impressed of how much you put into everything you make since I started following your work."
Via Email - Kyle R.
"Dear Aaron, I received your resolute on Monday. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. I absolutely love it. It will accompany me when I go for trekking in the Alpes. It is so beautiful. My son was also so impressed. On the first glance you can see the fine workmanship you applied and it caresses your hand."
Via Email - Wolfgang B.
"Just wanted to let you know that the knife arrived last Friday and I loooooooooooove it!!!! I love the make, the look and feel, the handling …. simply everything!"
Via Email - Michael E.
"Aaron just got the knife out of the mail box . Amazing quality. I've never seen something like this [...] it's fucking beautiful. [...] The look, feel, balance, style, absolutely perfect."
Via Email - Chris Z.
"This was a birthday present for my dad, him, my family and I were amazed by the quality of the work you did. Truly, this is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and you are a very talented artisan."
Via Email - Jean-Baptiste S.
"Just received the knife today. It looks perfect, feels great in the hands and the sheath retention is tight but easy to remove the knife. Best knife I've ever handled well worth the wait!"
Via Email - Matt B.
"I love my Resolute! It's beautifully crafted and is the exemplar for when form and function perfectly collide."
Via Facebook (link) - Jeffrey C.
"Knife arrived today! Super fine fit and finish, and it is very well balanced. The orange G10 handle is excellent, and I have a solid grip using it. I am so happy I ended up ordering the knife and it has been well worth waiting for your refinement of the production process!"
Via Email - Hans L.
"I cannot thank you enough for making such an awesome knife...I was absolutely gobsmacked when I opened the box and saw knife. You are truly a master craftsman. The wait was well worth it!!!"
Via Email - Adam K.
"First year with the knife. Skinned, caped, quartered, boned out. Moose, two whitetail, two elk. Only had to touch up the edge for the moose. Outstanding knife that will be on my belt for all future backcountry use. Amazing quality, and attention to detail along with the material."
Via Facebook (link - Warning: animal gore) - Sean F.
"Got the knife and its even better than I expected! A wonderful addition to my collection. Thank you again and I surely appreciate your help and craftsmanship."
Via Email - Richard B.
"The knife is beautiful and looks (and feels) even better in person."
Via Email - Sina B.
"Must say that is beautiful beyond all the expectations and I just cannot stop holding it. Perfection!!!"
Via Email - Vladimir M.
"Just received the blade. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful."
Via Email - Dave K.
"Aaron, words can’t describe this knife. Absolute perfection. [...] This knife will be on my belt, and in the field daily. [...] I’ve owned Randall’s, Doziers, Chris Reeves, etc. My search for the perfect knife is over."
Via Email - Ichiro S.
"I can't stop looking at it."
Via Facebook (link) - Matthew B.
"I wanted to let you know that I received my Resolute MkIII knife and love it. The craftsmanship, quality and feel are all excellent. I look forward to getting into the woods to work it."
Via Email - Mike F.
"Aaron, the waiting was worth it - YESSSSSSSS"
Via Email - Harald J.
"By far my new favourite knife. Perfectly balanced, comfortable in the hand and absolutely beautiful to look at and use."
Via Facebook (link) - Joe C.
"I received my Cherry red knife this morning, you are without doubt a knife making GOD!!!! the craftsmanship is amazing."
Via Email - Dave G.
"I got the knife today. You killed it! I’ve got knives that are works of art and knives built to work but this is the first I’ve owned that’s both. You make one hell of a product and I couldn’t be happier with it. Money well spent."
Via Email - Brian C.
"A thing of beauty and feels so good in hand. Have always said nothing is perfect but this knife is certainly the most perfect object I've ever seen. [...] Extremely satisfied and appreciate your skill and craftsmanship."
Via Email - Joe S.
"I have never had a knife so sharp out of the box. The edge is insane. The knife is so beautiful that the picture doesn’t make it justice."
Via Email - Billy A.
"Went beyond expectations above the Arctic Circle."
Via Facebook (link) - Rene C.
"This knife far exceeded my expectations; which were high to begin with... What fantastic craftsmanship, design and attention to detail. WOW! The fit & finish, the edge quality, and the balanced feel in hand make your knifes one of a kind."
Via Email - Paul B.
"Just received my knife. Love it!!! The design and quality of materials and workmanship is amazing."
Via Email - Steven W.
"Confident I could perform surgery with this thing!! Badass."
Via Email - Aaron C.
"The knife is immaculate almost to the point where I feel guilty putting it to any hard use. Thanks again for your craftsmanship and willingness to go that extra mile to fulfill a customers request."
Via Email - Mike L.
"Exceptionally well made knife! Thank you very much for your specific attention to every tiny detail!"
Via Email - Oleg P.
"It's been a few months since I got my Resolute and I absolutely love it!"
Via Email - Mike K.
"Received the knife. It's everything I expected it to be. Gorgeous..."
Via Email - Michel T.
"I have had Aaron’s knife for a little over a year now and have used it extensively for backpacking and camping, both for firewood and food prep, and have nothing but good things to say about it."
Via Email - Fausto M.
"Extremely happy with the knife it's flawless."
Via Email - Craig J.
"Well I got my new knife the other day and I was so excited to open it and unbox it. It is without a doubt everything I had hoped, expected and desired in a custom-made knife. Awesome workmanship my friend. I have showed it to several of my friends and they are extremely impressed. "
Via Email - Robert K.
"Got my knife today. Thank you. Worth waiting for sir."
Via Facebook (link) - Chuck E.
"I got the knife to day. I must say I was afraid my expectations were so high I would be a little disappointed when I got the knife... But man, no worries there, what a beautiful knife. Cant wait to put it in good use."
Via Email - Jan S.
"The knife arrived safe and sound today and I must say that it's an amazing piece of equipment. This is truly a masterpiece! Almost hate to use it!! But I will put it through some tests in the coming weeks and months. I know it's not a knife that will fail me."
Via Email - Randy B.
"I spent 3 months in the bush in Cape Breton with my Resolute as my only companion. [...] I still have NO suggestions for improvement!!!"
Via Email - David W.
"Got my knife Aaron. Thank you so much! Won’t be my last."
Via Email - Chris G.
"This blade is simply a WORK of ART! THANK YOU for providing me the best knife of my collection."
Via Email - Charles F.
"Oh my gosh, Aaron! I can’t believe how beautiful this knife is. The quality of craftsmanship is just amazing. [...] Superb job! I will definitely be ordering more in the future as gifts, and maybe some extra for myself ;)"
Via Email - David K.
"I received my knife this week and WOW! What a beautiful tool. The fit and finish is unprecedented, and it is crazy sharp. I cannot wait to take it out into the field. I have lots of plans for this tool."
Via Email - Jeff R.
"Great knife! Love mine. If you haven't ordered one, trust me, you won't regret it."
Via YouTube (link) - Grim Reaper
"I am thrilled with how the knife turned out, it is an absolute work of art!"
Via Email - Jamie V.
"I have a bunch of knives, some really expensive ones, and this is like 11/10 best of the best in terms of fit and finish."
Via Email - Noah G.
"Waaah it’s absolutely amazing. The best knife I’ve seen so far!! What a jewel! Congratulations for such a great work."
Via Email - Antoni F.
"Thank you for making such an exquisite and outstanding piece of art. The knives arrived today and I couldn’t be happier with them."
Via Email - Damien C.
"Your business conduct and the knife exceeded my expectations, you've secured a new loyal customer."
Via Email - Vincent P.
"My gosh, the thing is a masterpiece. [...] I was just floored at how precise everything was. [...] Anyhow, my only problem now is that I don't want to put a mark on it...I hope I can at some point."
Via Email - Andrew
"I received my knife and all I can say is wow. You truly are a master craftsman and I feel so privileged to own something so well made."
Via Email - Lincoln H.
"Received knife today. A true work of art. Everything about the knife speaks volumes about your passion and attention to detail. Really look forward to using it in the field."
Via Email - Marouf M.
"My knife has arrived and it's great! It's better than I expected now that I have it in my hand and I can't wait to get it into some adventures."
Via Email - Matt T.
"Using it is a unique experience, although I use other custom knifes of very high quality in steel and making. Your creation is a class of its own."
Via Email - Alexander A.
"I just received my knife and I want to say that it exceeded my expectations, even though I have been watching your videos and updates for years. The workmanship is flawless..."
Via Email - Thomas B.
"Absolutely love my #1074! In one word, perfection. [...] My first slice through cardboard seriously impressed. It slid through with far less resistance than any other knife I have used including far slimmer folders. Zero compromises."
Via YouTube (link)
"It’s f*#king beautiful no matter which way I turn it in my hand, run my thumb over its surfaces, put my eagle eye on every seam..."
Via Email - Darrin L.
"Your craftsmanship, professionalism and service are truly amazing."
Via Email - Offer K.
"I received the knife today. Its gorgeous! I'm really impressed with you craftsmanship. [...] Ive never owned a knife that is so sharp. Very cool"
Via Email - Robert S.
"I carry this blade daily and have a couple camping trips with her. I'm really enjoying this blade man. It takes an incredible edge, looks great and functions perfectly."
Via Email - Matthew G.
"By far and away the best knife I have ever owned and used! I will be getting another one some day just because they are that good!"
Via Facebook (link) - Bryan Straw
"Wow! This knife is perfect. Almost too pretty to use. Thank you so much. Totally worth the wait."
Via Email - Tim W.
"My Resolute MkIII is a beautiful blade that I will enjoy & even cherish forever. Thank you!"
Via Email - Travis J.
"I just received the knife and I’m extremely impressed."
Via Email - Maurice S.
"My knife I bought 2 (3??) years ago is still performing absolutely perfectly. Aside from some stropping, I haven’t had to give it a “proper” sharpening. Stunning knife!"
Via YouTube (link) - Simon Doyle
"The olive drab G10 looks fantastic and the fit and finish is everything I imagined. It feels great in the hand and the weight is just right."
Via Email - Sean G.
"It is without doubt the most beautifully made knife I have ever handled. Simply perfect in every way."
Via Email - Alan M.
"It's sleek, balanced and beautiful. This is a knife that doesn't disappoint and will be a good companion for years to come."
Via Email - Angus F.
"I absolutely love the knife, it exceeded my expectations in every dimension [...] Being an amateur at deer processing I hit bone [...] countless times and to my surprise [...] it was still hair shavingly sharp..."
Via YouTube (link) - Goran G.


MkIII - Satin - Green Stripe

The Resolute® MkIII camping / trail / survival knife was designed to be a 'jack-of-all-trades' knife for the outdoorsman. This knife will carve wood, prepare food, butcher game, and split firewood with ease.

The blade is made from supremely tough A2 tool steel, which in my testing has been shown to be able to take more abuse than any reasonable person would want to put it through. The tang of the blade is skeletonized to remove unnecessary weight and improve balance, while the blade geometry itself is designed to emphasize cutting performance while still being tough.

The blade is hand-finished to a 600 grit satin finish which will take on a pleasant patina with use.

The handle is made from an extremely durable and water-resistant composite material called G10. It's a high-pressure laminate made from fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin. It's highly impact and UV resistant, is not affected by water exposure, provides great grip and cleans easily. The handle is attached to the tang of the blade with stainless steel bolts, ensuring that it will never fail when you need it.

The integrated window-breaker on the butt of the handle adds to the knife's utility in a survival situation while not detracting from grip comfort.

The thermoformed Kydex sheath retains the knife even under the most gruelling conditions without the need for cumbersome clips or straps, and offers a range of carry and mounting options, PALS/MOLLE compatibility, and more.

Each knife is individually engraved with a serial number and my makers mark when it is completed.

Please note: these blades are not stainless and will mark/rust if not cared for!


  • Blade material: 5/32" (4mm) thick A2 tool steel, heat-treated to ~62.5HRC
  • Blade finish: 600 grit satin finish
  • Handle material: G10 handle scales
  • Overall length: 9" (229mm)
  • Blade length: 4.25" (108mm)
  • Knife weight: 6.4oz (183 grams) without sheath, 9oz (255 grams) with sheath and belt loop.
  • Sheath: Thermoformed Kydex body (MOLLE compatible) with detachable ambidextrous nylon webbing belt loop.