Behind The Scenes

I firmly believe in complete transparency and sharing my knowledge whenever possible. To that end I hold no 'trade secrets' and make detailed videos showing all the stages in making my knives. These videos let my customers see exactly how their knives are made, and show just how much work goes into the process and into each knife!

See how the Resolute MkIII is made:

The Resolute MkIII blade starts as a blank of A2 tool steel, and then goes through dozens of CNC machining and hand-finishing operations to produce the final finished blade. The use of CNC milling allows me to achieve tight tolerances and exacting shapes that are simply not possible when working completely by hand. 

The Resolute MkIII handle is carefully laminated together from different colored G10 sheets using marine-grade epoxy, then CNC machined to the exact design that I want. CNC machining the handle scales allows me to replicate the subtle handle contours perfectly every single time which ensures grip comfort.



For many more videos detailing all the parts of the process for making and developing my knives, you can visit my YouTube channel:

Gough Custom YouTube Channel