One design, tuned to perfection over the course of years.

Rather than making numerous designs that serve the same purpose, my philosophy is to make one knife design for a given purpose and fine-tune it to perfection with the input of customers and through my own testing and use of the knife. The current version of the Resolute is the result of hundreds upon hundreds of tiny design and process changes over the course of many years.

Designed for performance.

Every aspect of the Resolute MkIII is designed with a singular purpose in mind: to be the ultimate outdoor utility knife. Whether you’re butchering game, preparing a fire, carving a spoon or preparing food the Resolute will handle the task with ease.

The geometry of the full-flat ground blade is optimized for cutting performance while still being impressively tough thanks to careful steel selection and heat-treatment. Just 0.020” thick behind the cutting edge, the blade glides through tough materials easily. The blade is made from premium USA sourced A2 tool steel which has been heat-treated to a very high hardness (62.5HRC). The heat-treatment delivers the maximum strength from the steel providing impressive edge retention and toughness.

Made with premium materials that are responsibly sourced.

All of my materials have been carefully selected from a wide variety of options to provide the best performance possible.

My steel is premium tool steel made in the USA. My handle materials, sheath materials, packaging and even my consumable tooling (like endmills and drills) are all made in the USA. For more information on my materials, check out the FAQ.

I believe that keeping manufacturing and jobs as local as possible is incredibly important, and I put my money where my mouth is on this issue. Even the machinery I use to make my knives is all at least 90% made in the USA.

Environmental responsibility is paramount.

Making anything has an environmental impact, and I believe it's my responsibility to minimize that impact as much as possible. My knives are made using 100% renewable energy, from materials that are sourced from countries with strong environmental laws.