I offer a full lifetime warranty on all my knives.

If there is any failure in the materials or workmanship I will replace the knife free of charge.

The only exception to this policy is damage caused by real abuse or 'testing'. My knives are designed to cut normal things, they are not designed to cut sheet metal or be used as a pry-bar. Sure, they can do these things, but the blade will likely sustain some level of damage.

If you had to abuse your knife during a bona-fide emergency situation please send me an email explaining what happened and I will endeavour to repair or replace your knife free of charge.

If you have a warranty issue, please contact me at: aaron@goughcustom.com


A note regarding 'batoning':

Batoning wood (splitting it with your knife) is fine as long as the wood is free of knots and fairly straight-grained. Batoning through knots can often be done without any issues, but definitely has the potential to cause damage to the blade of any knife as knots are much harder than the surrounding wood and you will have to apply a lot of force to the blade in order to go through them. I do not recommend batoning through knotty wood!