Milly cleaned and primed!

First coat of primer just went on the machine! You can see the grey of the new primer on the base, saddle and the sides of the table.

Took a while to get to this point because there was so much rust and grease that needed removing.

Still lots of work to do: gotta replace one of the grease lines, flush all of the grease lines and get the new grease packed into the bearings. Might have to re-pack one of the rail trucks with new balls as well.
Previous owners ran this machine with the incorrect grease which caused a few issues. They also ran it with synthetic coolant which stripped of all the paint, caused galvanic corrosion in a few places and lots of rust everywhere else!

After the table and base are done will be moving onto the head and column!

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Photo by Aaron Gough on February 15, 2015.
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