Completed bevel machining fixture!

Finally finished all the clamps for the bevel fixture! Each clamp has specific machining and bending to make it contact the blades where I need them to.

The tang clamps are bent about 0.050" near their tips to ensure they press down as closely to the plunge line as possible. The tip clamp is bent so that only it's ends touch, and they do so along the middle of the blade to make sure the blade tip is well pinned against the fixture!

The tip clamp is quite stout at 1/4" thick and only 2" long, I had to heat it to 1700°F before bending it!

The tip clamp also has machining on the underside to provide a recess so that it sits on the blades in a specific location. Without that the clamp might end up in the wrong position and get in the way of a tool!

The two tang clamps are made from A2 and the tip clamp is made from 5160. All were hardened and then spring tempered. I love the blue color that the spring temper produces!

The fixture now consists of 4 unique components (not including the fasteners), in total the parts required 11 separate setups to make and usually several machining operations per setup! No wonder it's taken me almost 3 days!

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Photo by Aaron Gough on June 25, 2015.
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