A 'test standard'.

Very happy with how this came out! It's a 'standard' that defines the size of the Resolute MKIII handle and tang! It's accurate to 0.0001" and will let me make very quick tactile checks to make sure that my tangs and handles are exactly on size. The tangs are easy to measure, but the handle scales aren't which prompted me to make this!

The position of the pin holes in both the tang and handle scales are also critical and this standard makes it easy to quickly check that in a qualitative fashion.

The edge of the handle scale must be within 0.0005" of the edge of the tang for it to feel 'flush' (human fingers are very sensitive!) so I really need to keep my tolerances very close to get the fit and finish that I want!

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Photo by Aaron Gough on June 19, 2015.
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