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'Resolute' camping, trail and survival knife.
The Resolute MkIII camp, trail, and survival knife.

Resolute MkIII

The Resolute MkIII camping / trail / survival knife was designed to be a 'jack-of-all-trades' knife for the outdoorsman. This knife will carve wood, prepare food, butcher game, and split firewood with ease.

The blade is made from supremely tough A2 tool steel, which in my testing has been shown to be able to take more abuse than any reasonable person would want to put it through. The tang of the blade is skeletonized to remove unnecessary weight and improve balance, while the blade geometry itself is designed emphasize cutting performance while still being tough.

The blade is coated with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), an ultra-tough and wear resistant high-tech coating that's applied in a vacuum chamber and will remain looking new for a long time, even under heavy use, while helping to protect the blade from corrosion.

The handle is made from an extremely durable and water-resistant composite material called G10. It's a high-pressure laminate made from fibreglass and phenolic resin. It's highly impact and UV resistant, is not affected by water exposure, provides great grip and cleans easily. The handle is attached to the tang of the blade with stainless steel bolts and high-quality West Systems epoxy, ensuring that it will never fail when you need it.

The integrated window-breaker on the butt of the handle adds to the knife's utility in a survival situation while not detracting from grip comfort.

The thermoformed Kydex sheath retains the knife even under the most gruelling conditions without the need for cumbersome clips or straps, and offers a range of carry and mounting options, PALS/MOLLE compatibility, and more.

Each knife is individually engraved with a serial number and my makers mark when it is completed.



The Resolute MkIII costs USD$350 plus shipping.


Customers have the option to choose different colors for the handle scales on their knife. The handle can be a solid color, or it can have contrasting liners (like seen on the black and green knife below). Handles are only available in G10 as I believe it's the best material for the job. There are a number of colors available:

G10 color swatches


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See it being developed:

An awful lot of testing and refinement has gone into my knives. My process, materials and designs are constantly evolving as I work to perfect them. This evolutionary process requires a lot of testing! Below you can see a video of the testing that I did to decide on the blade steel for the Resolute series of knives.