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Making a Knife for the Antarctic Research Mission

I'm really pleased to finally be able to share this video with the world, as it's something I've been working on for quite a while!

A customer approached me quite a while ago with a bit of an unusual request, he wanted a knife made to take with him to Antarctica!

This customer is a former Marine, currently works as an EMS Lieutenant, and will shortly be headed to Antarctica to work as a Communications Tech for the research base down there. He wanted a super tough knife to take with him, and requested that I make him a 5" Resolute to fill that need.

It was a lot of fun working through the process of making the knife for him!

The knife specs:

This video was made over the course of several months (summer was a little slow for me!), the knife itself took about 14-16 hours to make, quite a bit longer than usual because the filming makes the whole process more difficult to coordinate!

About 11 hours of footage was taken over the course of making the knife, and then that was condensed down to the video you see above! About 4 days was spent just editing the video! Hope you enjoy it!