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First batch of Resolute knives finished!

I've finally finished the first batch of Resolute knives! This batch has taken just over 3 months, mainly because I was having to develop and trouble-shoot a lot of processes as I went. I imagine the next batch will be much quicker as I have a lot of new jigs and fixtures setup so that I can get things right on the first try from now on.

The process of applying the Cerakote in particular took a lot of time. I am relatively new to spray-applied coatings, and it turns out that Cerakote is one of the most demanding coatings you can apply in terms of equipment, technique and cleanliness. There was a big learning curve for me there, I re-applied the coating 8 times before I got the results I wanted, and the whole ordeal took almost 6 weeks!

That being said I'm very happy with how everything came out. There's a lot of things I would change in the process, but almost nothing I would change about the results!