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Behind The Scenes:

It's been my experience that people love things with a story associated with them. If you have seen how something was made, have witnessed the care and dedication that went into its crafting, then that's a very different experience than buying something that's been made in a factory.

This page is dedicated to giving my customers a good long look into how I design and make my products. I also list information here that will be helpful for other designers/makers as I think it's important to share the things I've learnt.

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A list of suppliers and websites that I use and recommend.


When I'm working on prototypes, building new tooling, or experimenting with new processes and designs, I always try to document the process thoroughly and share it widely. This is for two reasons: first, I enjoy engaging with my customers and other makers this way. Second, I've often found that the feedback from other people has made the difference between a good result and a great one!

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